Victorian Freight Developments — some good news!

This is the latest freight news in relation to a newly announced rail network upgrade program. The trade-off between continuing investment and prudish behaviour during COVID-19 is obviously critical. But, at ACF we believe it’s great to see key infrastructure investment, particularly to support Victoria’s shift from road to rail. 

The below article is an abridged version of a post issued by FTA.

The Hon Melissa Horne PM (Victorian Minister for Ports and Freight) has announced a $126.5 million regional rail network upgrade, as part of its economic response to COVID-19.

A total of $83 million will be invested directly into Victoria’s freight-only network to deliver critical upgrades and support the ongoing modal shift from road to rail, reducing costs and ensuring producers have access to key domestic and international markets.


SALTA PROPERTIES – Altona Inland Port Container Park

Strategically located in the western suburbs of Melbourne at Salta Properties Nexus Industrial Altona, ACFS Port Logistics takes another step towards achieving its mission on retaining its status as Australia’s leading wharf logistics firm offering a full suite of supply chain services while introducing its “Go-West” vision to life in Melbourne.

PORT RAIL STRATEGY – Driving new investment for Victoria

In a significant development for Rail to Port connectivity on Australia’s East Coast, the SCT Group and ACFS are pleased to announce a collaboration which will open up rail freight access to the Port of Melbourne for 300,000 tonnes of freight annually.

The project has been facilitated by the Victorian Government’s Port Rail Shuttle Network (PRSN) and Port Rail Transformation policies. It is part of a range of longer-term investments that will be facilitated by SCT’s enhanced rail connectivity to the Port.

Melissa Horne, the Victorian Minister for Ports & Freight said, “It is fantastic to see our policies regarding both the Port Rail Shuttle Network and Port Rail Transformation Project combining to achieve outcomes like this. This collaboration will provide a major boost for both metropolitan and regional Victoria and will make it easier for farmers to access new export markets.”

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