A COVID-19 and Fees Update — still essential

ACF would like to advise all our customers and suppliers that even though Sydney is in the middle of a COVID lock down we as an international Freight Forwarder and Transport operator are an essential service and continue to provide all our services. Be it under the correct COVID practices and processes.

As we reach the end of another Australian Financial Year we would remind everyone of the previous broadcasts that many of the stevedores charges will be increasing from July 1st (today).  Please see our prior message – https://www.acfservices.net.au/index.php/australian-container-terminal-fees-from-june-1st/ or contact our office for more information.

With ongoing increases in the electronic data charges that ACF is receiving from all service providers we unfortunately will also have to put into place a new charge to cover these ever-increasing amounts. This means from July 1st (today) you will see a new line on each job described as Electronic Software & Data recovery (EDR).

If you have any queries as to what these charges are or need further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope the coming new financial year brings everyone success in these trying times.

Thanks again,

ACF Management.