Covid-19 | How we all can help

When Covid-19 put China into lock-down, it was the importers, exporters and forwarders who got to see first hand the damage this virus can have on humanity and the economy. We saw a superpower grind to a halt and felt the impact. Our industry had a head-start but now...

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Airfreight Update And ACF Payments

Airfreight Update And ACF Payments Airfreight The Coronavirus situation is having a huge impact on Airlines all around the world. As a result of reduced flights and airfreight capacity, we are seeing airfreight costs increase dramatically. Airlines are requesting us...

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Message from China – landslide updates: Our sources from China have provided us with the following updates Currently, the increase in the number of confirmed infected patients in China is less than 100 cases per day (95% new cases are in Wuhan) with many...

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New Cargo data reveals Coronavirus fallout

With Chinese government data both after-the-fact and suspect it has been difficult to ascertain the full economic and trade impact of the coronavirus. However, new data collated by CargoMetrics is beginning to give us a much clearer answer and it isn’t pretty. ...

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Coronavirus | Major Update

The Most Complete Update on Trade Impacts so far… Further to last week’s update on the Novel Coronavirus, trade and freight movements continue to deteriorate. There are various reports from China on the evolving situation affecting China’s factories and freight...

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Coronavirus Update 13th Feb

It seems as though importers, exporters and forwarders are beginning to fully realise how slow the recovery will be, following the still active coronavirus outbreak.  Major international transport bodies have begun to respond and update on the crisis. Maersk,...

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