Port of Melbourne Pricing & Access Review

CTAA has formalised its submission to the Port of Melbourne Pricing & Access Review being conducted by Deloitte Access Economics for the Victorian Government

The CTAA submission has made recommendations about:

  • The regulation of currently unfettered stevedore Infrastructure Charges, including their quantum and the allowed timing of price setting;
  • The regulation of port-related fees levied by foreign container shipping lines to ensure that no price gouging is occuring;
  • The establishment of a Cargo Movement Coordination Centre (CMCC) administered by Freight Victoria to collect, analyse and publish key performance data on the road and rail interfaces at the Port of Melbourne;
  • Directions by the Minister for Freight Victoria to oversee consultations between transport operators (road & rail) and the container stevedores in Melbourne to achieve Service Level Agreements (SLAs) governing terminal access operational performance levels; and
  • An independent review to analyse possible improvements to the current 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS) for the future.