Landside Fee Increases from 1st March 2021

Landside Fee Increases from 1st March 2021

Dear Customers,

There has been a further round of increases to terminal fees in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Patrick Terminals unilaterally announced annual increases in landside terminal fees & charges to be implemented from 1 March 2021.

The charges include: • Landside Terminal Charge increases (infrastructure / terminal access) at all terminals. These charges are applied to transport operators (road & rail) for all full import and export containers – failure to pay would lead to cancellation of terminal access. The new charges represent a 2.9% increase at Patrick’s east coast terminals. However, in Fremantle, the increase is 7.68% based on what Patrick has described as “pre-agreed annual increase level(s)” – in other words, Patrick has done a private deal with Fremantle Ports and the WA Government on fixed fee increases to be directed to the landside sector as part of its Fremantle terminal lease extension negotiations; • Vehicle Booking System (VBS) and related charges, notably: VBS Booking Fee – 47.5% increase – way above CPI. No-Show Fee – 47.5% increase – this fee is applied if a truck does not show up for a booked container slot.

Side Loader Fee – introduction of this fee at all terminals. This is designed to deter transport operators from sending side loader trailers to the terminal for import pick up or export drop off.

Long Vehicle Fee – a new and extremely damaging fee (per truck entry) to be introduced in Sydney and Brisbane penalising the use of road vehicle combinations over 26 metres in length (i.e. Higher Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) such as Super B-doubles and A doubles capable of carrying four Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEU)).

Stack Run-In Fee – this will apply to empty container stack runs into the terminals. This fee will be levied on the transport operator undertaking the stack run in, who for empty containers is engaged on behalf of the shipping line seeking to run empty containers into the terminal for vessel evacuation. If this fee is passed onto the shipping line by the transport operator it will increase the cost of empty container management for shipping lines.

Storage & Ancillary Charges – increases range from 5% to 14%

Hutchison Ports Australia is also increasing its landside Infrastructure Levy in Sydney and Brisbane by more than 50% from 15 March 2021, while its vehicle booking related fees will also rise by over 50%.


As many of our customer have experienced we are still encountering empty return issues with many depots simply not taking containers or only accepting certain types. Below is an example of this week.


ACFS e-DEPOT is accepting 
MAERSK/HAMBURG SUD22R1 + 45R1 + 42G1 + 45G1
SWIRE22G1 + 25G1 + 2EG1 + 22R1 + 45G1
ACFS e-DEPOT is not accepting 
MAERSK/HAMBURG SUD42P3 + 42U1 + 45U1 + 45P3
SWIRE22P3 + 45R1 + 42G1
SINOTRANS22G1book at e-DEPOT, de-hire at e-link
SINOTRANS22R1  + 42G1 + 45R1 + 45G1
HYUNDAI22P3 + 22U1 + 22G1
HYUNDAI 42P3 + 45P3 + 42U1 + 45U1 + 45G1 + 45R1

As a result we have additional container handling, transport legs and delays in returning empty containers. We all know the shipping lines have shortened the container demurrage free time which also comes into play with the above issues.

We would like to remind our customers of ACF empty return policy Container Detention: ACF will only review detention after 14 days from the first day of vessel availability with 2 business days for de-hire of empty from notification.

What does this all mean?

Unfortunately ACF cannot absorb such costs and has no choice but to pass them on with any administration costs incurred.

Please expect to receive an updated quote with the increased charges within the next 14 days.

If you have any queries or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.