Interim Approval for Importers Granted in Victoria

We’re pleased to let all our customers know that ACF is operating as normal within the Victorian State Government COVID Rules. We will continue to keep you updated with Victoria’s response and the impact it may/or may not have on our services.

We can confirm that ALL importers have been given an ‘interim approval’ to receive and unload import containers. 

The story below is a condensed summary of the Victorian government Covid-19 response. With thanks to the VIC gov, the FTA and the Australian Financial Review. 

Notes and Conditions

It is a requirement that employees are in possession of Permitted worker scheme permits (effective 11.59 AEST tonight, Wednesday 5 August 2020) and that warehousing and cold storage risk mitigations must be initiated in accordance with a ‘High Risk COVIDSafe Plan‘ (effective 11.59 AEST Friday 7 August 2020); and

The ongoing status of the ‘interim approval’ is subject to further consideration in the coming days. As referenced in the AFR there is still a looming crisis of significantly harming the supply chain if cargo and importing is not considered ‘essential’.

Extract from ‘Supermarket deliveries at risk from stage four lockdown’ – AFR (Jenny Wiggins).

Importers and exporters, want their services to be declared “essential”.

“It is critical that all imports are allowed to flow otherwise we quickly have an estimated 300,000 containers over the next six weeks quickly congesting our wharves and impeding the delivery of all goods,” said Paul Zalai, director of the Freight & Trade Alliance.

“We also need these import containers to be unpacked and made available for our exporters, in particular, to support our struggling agricultural sector, that are expecting substantial crops this spring and are desperate to reach overseas markets.”