Greater China Yantian Port – Covid and Operations Update

To our valued customers,

As more positive cases are confirmed in the Greater China Yantian region — freight and terminal operations at the port have been significantly impacted. This article outlines the latest:


Due to the increase in COVID-19 positive case counts, all operations in the western area of Yantian International Container Terminal have been suspended until further notice.

Terminal yard density remains elevated with disinfection and quarantine measures being continuously implemented by local authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As such operations in the eastern area of the terminal where mother vessels mainly berth continues to experience low productivity levels. We expect continued terminal congestion and vessel delays upwards of 5 days in the coming week.

On 27th of May, Yantian International Container Terminal updated the control measures of export laden containers per the following:

  • From 22:00 PM 25th of May to 23:59 PM 30th of May, export laden container gate-in will be suspended Import laden container gate-out and empty container pick-up operation will remain as normal.
  • From 00:00 AM 31st of May, export laden container gate-in will resume. In the meantime, from May 31st to Jun 6th, CY-open will be available only to vessels within ETA-3.
    Import laden container operations which is mainly concentrated in the eastern area of the port will maintain normal operations.


Due to aforementioned disruptions, we regret to inform you that several vessels will be omitting the Port of Yantian in order to protect schedule reliability.

Empty Containers

Export empty pick-up at Yantian retains normal operations with the exception of Greeting Fortune Depot. 40 GP and 40 HC empty supply has been negatively impacted by the vessel delays. Customers are encouraged to cross pick up at Chiwan or amend to 20 GP as an alternative in Yantian.

Import empty return at Yantian is uninterrupted — with the exception of Greeting Fortune Depot once again.

Landside Service

Trucking service into Yantian International Container Terminal have been impacted by the heavy traffic congestion around the terminal area with empty pick up now expected to be delayed by upwards of 8 hours. For customers directly effected or that require cross pick up at Chiwan — please get in touch with ACF directly.

We foresee heavy congestion persisting once export laden gate-in resumes in Yantian International Container Terminal from 31st of May.

We regret the inconvenience this incident may cause to your business. As mentioned if you have a specific question or query in relation to your freight and/or operations we encourage you to get in touch with ACF and we will endeavour to update you.

Kind regards,
The ACF Team

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