COVID-19 Update | Deferral of Duty and GST – contingency measures

The latest news from the FTA following the deferral of duty and GST conversations with the Australian Border Force. 

At the end of April’s Extraordinary National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) and Trade Facilitation Initiatives Working Group (TFIWG) meeting, the Australian Border Force (ABF) responded to the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) advocacy stating that options have been considered and may be available for an extended deferral arrangement for Duty and GST.

There is however a caveat that relief is unlikely to be implemented on a preemptive basis. 

The policy position announced today by Government is that they are closely monitoring capacity at container terminals and will only deploy available Duty and/or GST deferral relief as necessary to alleviate supply chain congestion.


  • Deferral of IPC will not be considered as a part of a relief measure as this will require separate legislative change
  • As outlined in our member notice on 15 April 2020, the ATO provided interim advice encouraging the use of the Deferral GST (DGST) scheme with improved / streamlined administration

 Bylaw for goods used in the treatment of COVID-19

We are pleased to announce that a new bylaw will be put into place from 1 February 2020 until, at this time, 30 July 2020, that will provide tariff relief on a range of products such as PPE, medical goods and disinfectant goods for the COVID-19 pandemic. Refunds will be available.

We will continue to keep you up to date on all issues impacting our industry. 


The ACF Team