Covid-19 | How we all can help

When Covid-19 put China into lock-down, it was the importers, exporters and forwarders who got to see first hand the damage this virus can have on humanity and the economy. We saw a superpower grind to a halt and felt the impact.

Our industry had a head-start but now the whole world is reeling. Regardless of the losses we have already felt, at ACF we still want to do our part to flatten the curve and we encourage our partners and industry to do the same.

We’re donating 65,000 surgical gowns to the NSW Heath to help contain the coronavirus. We hope it’s the first of many things we are able to do over the next 3-6 months.

Whether it’s assisting with emergency supplies, creating a better supply chain or simply donating to a front-line cause; If there’s any way your organisation can support Australia at such a critical time, it could come as another small step to help get this country back on its feet. That way, we all win.


If you have any questions or would like to work with ACF in accomplishing this, we will do our utmost to help. Get in touch