Breaking — NSW and Victoria border to close today

The NSW/Victoria border will close at 11.59 pm on Tuesday 7 July. Please note, with transport considered an essential service, ACF will still be operating business as usual — though we are factoring in the changes at the NSW and VIC border, especially while the processes are organised and put into place.

There are 55 border crossings on the Victoria/NSW border and there are many townships on this border.

The border closure is going to be enforced on the NSW side by NSW Police and the ADF.

The Premier of NSW has stated that no one from Greater Melbourne and its surrounds will be able to cross the NSW border and enter NSW before the full border closure tomorrow night.

Permits will be issued for essential workers movement across the border. We will continue to keep you updated as more news is made available to us. We believe freight and transport will follow the procedures and systems put in place during the QLD/NSW border closure — a dedicated lane to remove delays.

We expect to have a more significant update later this week.