American Worldwide Agencies Update | Covid-19 continues to hit the US hard

As the impact of COVID-19 on the international shipping market continues to be felt across the globe AWA has updated partners and customers on the challenges surrounding demand, safety and congestion. As stated in their latest correspondence, ‘The high demand for freight has created equipment and space shortages as well as scheduling fluctuations affecting every aspects of the industry.’

These workforce shutdowns have contributed to mounting delays. Here is the latest overview of the issues facing the US:

Port Congestion:
Los Angeles/Long Beach
– More than 40 ships await berth at LA/LGB; imports and exports affected
– Terminals are expected to remain congested until well after Chinese New Year
– Terminals are understaffed due to shift issues because of COVID; extended turnaround for truckers, interterminal transfers and appointments for gate transactions

New York/New Jersey
-5-day delay to berth (crew members must have COVID test which adds to delays)
-Gate turn times for truckers have increased due to COVID restrictions

Railway Congestion:
-Worker shortages contributing to delays
-Gate hour and appointment limitations continue
– increased train length and weights have helped but are on going

Chassis Availability:
-Becoming extremely limited
-The northeast, west coast and Gulf states are most affected
-Price increases across the board

While it’s clear America is still deep in the COVID-19 crisis, AWA is doing its upmost to hit timelines and deliveries. It’s apparent though that some delays will be unavoidable. If you have questions or concerns relating to your business you are encouraged to visit

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