Airfreight Update And ACF Payments

Airfreight Update And ACF Payments


The Coronavirus situation is having a huge impact on Airlines all around the world. As a result of reduced flights and airfreight capacity, we are seeing airfreight costs increase dramatically. Airlines are requesting us to check for rates on a shipment by shipment basis. We are seeing this happen across the globe. Some Airlines, as well as our Overseas Agents, have notified us that rates previously quoted may not be valid and that we will need to re-confirm rates on a case by case basis. As such, we are unable to maintain any quotations we have submitted to your company as we are being required to validate our airfreight costs each time we have a shipment.

Whenever you have your next shipment, please send us all consignment details and we will confirm all costs that will apply.

We do regret any inconvenience incurred, but we know you understand that these are unprecedented and extremely unusual times, and no one could have foreseen this happening. We will do all we can to serve your company in the best way we can.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our office or sales representative.

Payments to ACF

With the current environment causing all businesses problems we ask that all customers please keep your invoices and disbursements within the agreed ACF terms. As everyone can understand ACF cannot continue to keep payout disbursements on our clients’ behalf without being reimbursed. Unfortunately, if accounts are not conducted within terms that will result in additional communication and possible delays in delivery.

If you have any queries or need to discuss your account please don’t hesitate to contact our accounts team.